Changes in Ownership of Skarb Exploration Corp.

March 11, 2018

Toronto, Ontario – March 11, 2018 – Each of Christina Dykun and Roman Dykun confirm that in connection with a private secondary market transaction on March 9, 2019, whereby Ms. Dykun transferred 7,400,000 common shares (each, a “Common Share”) in the capital of Skarb Exploration Corp. (the “Corporation”) to Mr. Dykun for nil consideration pursuant to a deed of gift, immediately following such transaction and as of the date hereof, each of Ms. Dykun and Mr. Dykun, directly or indirectly, own nil and 7,545,000 Common Shares, respectively, representing 0% and approximately 42.32% of issued and outstanding Common Shares on a fully-diluted basis, respectively.

Ms. Dykun disposed of her Common Shares as a gift, and Mr. Dykun acquired his Common Shares for investment purposes. Each of Ms. Dykun and Mr. Dykun may purchase and/or sell additional Shares from time to time, subject to applicable law. Mr. Dykun is restricted from selling his Common Shares pursuant to an escrow agreement dated January 25, 2019 entered into between the Corporation, Odyssey Trust Company and certain shareholders of the Corporation (the “Escrow Agreement”). Details of the Escrow Agreement are found in the Corporation’s final long-form prospectus dated January 25, 2019 under the heading “Escrowed Securities and Securities Subject to Contractual Restriction on Transfer” and a copy of the Escrow Agreement has been filed on the Corporation’s SEDAR profile.

Further information (including a copy of the early warning reports to be filed with Canadian securities regulators in connection with the purchases described above) can be obtained by contacting:

Craig Parry
Chief Executive Officer
Suite 970, 1055 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 2E9
PH: 778.379.3211


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